I design complex information, a process situated at the intersection of art and research. My interdisciplinary approach to service and information design benefits from my ability to incorporate data analysis and data visualization techniques.

I often operate as a translator between the expert and the public, using narratives, metaphors, and images to foster communication. Aesthetic preferences can vary based on an audience’s background and experience; I employ human centered and participatory approaches in my work to create visuals and services that are accessible and engage the target audience where they are.

During my career I have spent significant time working in each of the oft-separated silos of communications, data analysis, and graphic design. I am keenly interested in how these varied lenses and skillsets can be combined to develop strategic and integrated communication strategies that are data-driven, accessible, and beautiful.

Please contact me if you are interested in my work. I’m always looking for new projects, opportunities, and collaborators.

kat.a.hartman [AT] gmail.com




Evidence-based Design + Strategy including: Service and impact design. User research and ethnography. Participatory and human-centered approaches to design and facilitation. Monitoring and evaluation of programs and organizations. Data driven communication strategies.

The design of complex information including:  Infographics, data visualization and user interfaces. Data analysis and reporting. Design for low-literate audiences including instructional design and curriculum development.

General Research including: Investigative research, campaign and policy research. Focus Groups + Interviews.  Power mapping.

ArcGIS, QGIS, SPSS, MS Access, MS Excel, ADB Illustrator, ADB InDesign, ADB Photoshop, Gephi, html, css, javascript, jquery, php.

Skill Building:
Currently exploring: D3.js, R, Python.

Also learning Brazilian Portuguese & Ethiopian Amharic.