Civic Data Design Lab at MIT

Data, User Experience, Instructional, Participatory / Human Centered Design.

As part of a Fellowship with the Civic Data Design Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I assisted  NiJeL with the update of the NSF funded City Digits project, combining administrative and business data with qualitative student-led research in an interactive learning tool.  This collaborative project among the Civic Data Design Lab, the Center for Urban Pedagogy, and CUNY’s Brooklyn College develops, pilots, and tests innovative resources and tools that support high school students’ learning of mathematics.

The Cash City tool is a visualization of the spatial patterns of AFIs, or alternative financial institutions (i.e. pawn shops, cash checking, wire transfers), in New York City.  It is a site for discussion about how AFIs affect local communities. Cash City is the second module of the City Digits project, an effort to develop place-based curricular modules that investigate and analyze specific themes related to the local, urban context to support high school students’ learning of mathematics. The curricular modules are enhanced by the integration of geo-spatial technologies, which enable students to explore their local urban landscape, collect field data, and organize and visualize patterns.

While not the primary UX designer, I assisted with the major design questions that arose while the site was in development. I also assisted with user research and testing both with teachers and students.


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