D3 Communications Management

Data, Research or Written Work, User Experience.

During my 3.5 years at Data Driven Detroit (D3), I assisted as both a Project Manger and as the Communications Manager. As the Communications Manager, my major role was to ensure that our publications and designed materials were of high quality and extended the D3 brand. While D3 culture promotes staff autonomy and freedom to develop their own products, I regularly provided feedback on design decisions. These included our website and interactive tools, data visualizations, charts & graphs, and  design & copy of white papers and reports. I also served as the editor of both the newsletter and the blog.

Included here are some of the projects on which I provided feedback and support during my time as the communications manager:

  • LISC_vacancy
  • D3_WebsiteUpdate
  • PowerLines
  • D3_ApportionmentRaceEthnicity
  • VoterTurnout
  • About_Us_Trifold_7-1
  • ForgottenHarvestCover