Navigating Early Childhood Education

Data, Research or Written Work, Instructional, Participatory / Human Centered Design.

Throughout Detroit, there is a clear need among families for better information about how the education system works. This is particularly crucial among families with young children who are about to enter our city’s complex and highly segmented education system. Additionally, the research is clear that kids who go to pre-school are much more successful than kids who do not.

With all this in mind, Excellent Schools Detroit asked for assistance to build awareness about the three major options for affordable pre-school for low-income families in Detroit: Head Start, the Great Start Readiness Program and a statewide Child Care Subsidy. I worked with Libby Cole and Kikko Paradela through The Work Department, a Detroit-based design firm. Using a human-centered approach, we gathered input from parents and education experts to inspire the content and design. We then tested prototypes with both English and Spanish speaking parents to inform the final product.

My Roles: Policy & Program Research Lead, User Research & Testing, Design Team

Download a pdf of The Early Kid Gets Ahead!


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