STEAM Robotics zine

Data, Illustration, Instructional.

As a recent Schara Resident through the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art + Design, I was able to engage with Detroit students and teachers to integrate art and design into existing curriculum. Through the generosity of the Michele Schara Artist & Designer in Residence Program, part of the Stamps’ Detroit Connections Program, I was able to propose and complete a project with an art teacher at the Detroit Community High School in the Brightmoor neighborhood.

The robotics course I collaborated with was an arts course requiring students to “build art that moves and lights up.” This structure allowed for tangible application of core STEM concepts while injecting the arts to enable and engage different types of learners.  The STEAM (STEM + Arts) approach we used in designing and developing an illustrated reference on foundational physics concepts was grounded in materials and applied experience, in order to help students better grasp the connection these concepts have on the built-world.

The illustrated zine was based on the chapter: Power Transmission: Getting Power to Your Wheels in Build Your Own Combat Robot by Pete Miles & Tom Carrol 

Thanks also to Jeff Herbstman who edited the zine for accuracy.


  • ROBOTScover
  • ROBOTScover2
  • ROBOTS_gearboxoptions
  • ROBOTS_gearsmesh