PowerHouse Map Collaboration


Power House Productions (PHP) is an artist-run, neighborhood-based nonprofit who develops and implements creative neighborhood stabilization strategies to revitalize and inspire the community. They believe safer, sustainable and more creative neighborhoods will emerge through the long-term work of artists and designers in a community.

While living down the street from PHP, I created the hand-drawn aerial map used as the foundation for a neighborhood map, designed by Nina Bianchi of the The Work Department. The finished collaboration is meant to both guide visitors through all of the project spaces in the neighborhood and act as a collaborative planning and design tool. Current projects are noted on the finished map while the surrounding infrastructure remains for context. Users can draw on top of the existing map to vision new projects and draw connections to the existing nodes within the network.

Included here in the slideshow is my original pen-and-ink illustration as well as the final map, as designed by Nina Bianchi for PHP.


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