#CivicTech Coverage for Model D

Research or Written Work.

In 2014, as a freelance writer I began covering civic and community technology for Model D, an online magazine telling the story about the people who are changing Detroit. Together the managing editor and I are working to develop a regular column that utilizes data journalism and infographics for storytelling.

Articles to Date:

The new geographers: How Detroiters are mapping a better future for the city
Kat Hartman
March 10, 2015

What makes a city “smart,” anyway?
Nina Bianchi & Kat Hartman
October  21, 2014

A brief introduction to Detroit’s civic tech ecosystem
Kat Hartman
September 30, 2014

Allied Media Projects and the global relevance of Detroit’s grassroots tech scene
Kat Hartman
June 17, 2014



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