GROCS Grant: Global Studio

User Experience, Instructional.

As project leader and interface designer for a $10,000 Grant Opportunities [Collaborative Spaces] (GROCS) grant, our team of five researchers designed an online application to assist health workers in health education material creation. This website “global studio: health network” is intended for health workers in low-resource environments; it provides educational scaffolding for the development of locale-specific public health materials for and by health workers who may not have a background in material creation or design. It also would allow health workers to network with each other as they create a library of online resources. As part of the process we explored ways in which mobile phones can be incorporated into the site to further democratize the power of information technology.

My Role: Writing Grant, Building Team, Team Leader, Concept Development, Research, Design & Layout

Included are the wireframes I developed.

  • GROCS tabs
  • home page1:14
  • new design tool
  • findpage 3
  • findpage 7.5
  • network 1